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Mastercard is Hiring New Senior Managment for Wallet Development

On the hunt for a new job? Got expertise in blockchain, cryptocurrencies, or wallet development? Then Mastercard may be your next employer! Lately it seems...

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Facebooks Native Token will launch in 2020

According to a report by Business Insider released earlier today, Facebook is currently on schedule to launch it’s Native token in the first quarter...

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The Energy Crisis You Didn’t Know About.

Welcome to 2019. Earth is populated by a wide variety of unique cultures, eclectique individuals, and is consuming more energy than ever. While alternative eco-friendly...

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The Minecraft of Blockchain

If you’ve ever played, or even seen minecraft before, you’ll easily be able to recognize the charming green and brown blocks that comprise the...

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The Glossary of Blockchain Slang

Are you new to the world of Blockchain? Are you wondering ‘what the heck is a node?’ or spending way to much time trying to...

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