Welcome to the first ever Bloxspace airdrop!

All of us here at Bloxspace are very excited to bring you this opportunity and welcome our new users to the community. We’re giving away a total of 25,000,000 TBLX tokens during our Summer 2019 airdrop giveaway. The prize amounts are as follows.

Our Prizes

1st = 15,000,000 TBLX

2nd = 5,000,000 TBLX

3rd = 2,500,000 TBLX

2,500 Members will receive 1,000 TBLX each

The 3 grand prizes will be drawn at random from all eligible contestants who enter the airdrop. To be eligible to receive your portion of the airdrop you must complete the following steps and submit the form below.

  1. 1. Join MyBloxspace (100 TBLX given just for joining!) & upload a profile photo.

  2. 2. Create your Bloxspace Wallet

  3. 3. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn & Youtube. (100 TBLX for each)

  4. 4. Refer at least 3 friends to the site, using your personal referral link found in your profile.

Bloxspace - BLX Token

You will receive one EXTRA ‘raffle ticket’ in the grand prize drawing for every friend you refer along with the obligatory 50 TBLX you get every time your refer a friend. The grand prize drawing is scheduled to take place on August 31st, of 2019. Any TBLX earned for joining and referring friends will be delivered immediately upon completion of the tasks.

Visit the page below and fill out the form to be entered into our airdrop!

  • https://bitcointalk.org/

Why Airdrop?

Bloxspace is a revolutionary platform designed to engage and aggregate the entire blockchain community. Meaning, we have something for everyone. Whether it’s our news broadcasting network, project discovery center, wallet, or social groups, anyone interested in blockchain can thrive on our platform. The TBLX token is what stimulates our platform and allows value to be exchanged.

Participating in our airdrop is a free investment.

By investing a few moments of your time in Bloxspace, we’re awarding you with real tokens that you can really use! Airdropping with us, is an investment, but better.

What is an Airdrop?

Never heard of or participated in an airdrop before? No worries! Airdrops are a fun and exciting way to stimulate online communities by introducing a new online native currency.

All tokens won in the airdrop are distributed for FREE! Why do we give tokens for free? Why would we just go around handing out free money? To create awareness. We want Bloxspace to rise in fame as the social news platform that rewards its members, kinda like Reddit but better. And just because we hand out tokens for free doesn’t mean they’re worthless! Our BLX token is an ERC-20 token meaning it’s tied to Ethereums value. If you want more information regarding ERC-20 tokens, visit the wiki page here.