The Revolution of Media

Get ready to experience a new kind of platform. We’re designed to cater to you, your needs, and your wants. We provide you with everything you need to socialize and do blockchain business, all in one place. We're a social news platform that features professional and user generated content about Crypto and Blockchain technology. Bloxspace offers research, news, and analysis to the public with the goal of helping them successfully leverage these exciting new technologies.

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Why join Bloxspace?

Because we put the power back into your hands. Other social networks (not to name any names, Facebook) take and sell your data whether you like it or not. If you want to be there, you’re surrendering your privacy. We don’t like that! We keep your data private unless you give us permission to do otherwise. We also believe in equal opportunity education and earning with blockchain. Which is why we offer free news and educational resources to help you establish your financial freedom.

Community that Values Voice

Bloxspace is designed to provide a safe online community where people can learn about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, fintech, and meet new acquaintances along the way. Advisors and newcomers alike can read the news, take classes, and socialize in forums. 

Earn while you Learn

We offer all of our members numerous ways to earn tokens while on the platform. Our entire structure is gamified, and everyone’s a winner here. Earn tokens for posting, making friends, commenting, referring friends, completing courses, and earning badges. You can always share the love by donating to your favorite influencers, content creators and a few select charities. 

our features

Be Social

Our platform provides a safe and secure social network where all personal data is controlled by the user. Here, you can be truly social over blockchain.

Streaming Live Network

Bloxspace News Network (BNN) provides timely and relevant news source where blockchain enthusiasts and developers can find the information they need 24/7/365


Designed for both newbies and seasoned investors, users can watch in real time the performance of a wide variety of popular coins actively traded throughout the world.

Affiliate - Earn Big!

All members of Bloxspace are encouraged to invite their contacts to join Bloxspace and are rewarded for doing so through our affiliate program.

Influencers Cafe

Designed to be an exclusive club, all of the internet's most influential blockchain experts gather in one place to bring you the best content.


An inviting and capable multilingual trading platform built to suit new and advanced traders. Capable of combining assets from 18 different supported exchanges, BLXPro is the last exchange you'll ever need.

TBLX Token

Our gamified platform is incentivized by the TBLX token. Designed to drive all commerce on the platform, members can easily exchange value using TBLX.

TBLX Wallet

Our wallet allows users to safely store and utilize their TBLX tokens on the platform. Users can send, store, and purchase tokens throught the wallet interface.

CoinChase XChange

Our state-of-the-art, multilingual, exchange platform comes fully equipped with all the tools to fulfill even the most advanced traders needs.

Project Discovery

Discover new and upcoming blockchain projects. With educational materials, and investing insights, seasoned and new investors can explore the space.


The job marketplace designated for blockchain related professionals. Provides a space for both members and businesses to display their hiring availability and talents.


Bloxspace’s quarterly online editorial publication ‘DigiBlox’, provides readers with in-depth analysis of emerging technologies, markets, and relevant opinions from industry leaders.

The Professionals

Blockchain and Fintech Experts & Professionals are invited to apply for Project Discovery expert status through our online application. After review, approved experts will be included on our site and listed as a Professional. Professionals receive a complimentary premium profile, their associations, lists of rated IEO’s, ICO’s & STO’s and their Bloxspace Performance Rating.

The Performance rating is derived from several categories of successful performances rated by other experts. Experts with the best ratings will be given recognition and sought after to rate new IEO’s, ICO’s and STO’s. Thus providing a competitive market which encourages high standards from all of our experts. To apply, please use the link below.

Advisors Wanted!